I love fitness and I love having to be able to enjoy my routines in the comfort of my own home. Don’t get me wrong I love going to the gym but, once a while. The pressure to look like you know what you are doing is not there at home and that’s why I love it. I can wake up in the morning do a few stretches, practise some yoga, then get around with my day.  I love practising yoga even though am not that great at it, I love doing it. You get to stretch out some muscles that you didn’t think you had not forgotten the “yoga booty” that you get after a while of practising.

There are different yoga poses and moves targeting different aspects and parts of your body depending on your needs, which is a good thing!! Every week I  try and vamp up my routine by trying out new things. This week I came across a program that would boost my metabolism, flatten my stomach, tone my muscles with one yoga strategy in the comfort of my own home by Zoe Bray-Cotton. I have never felt this good after a workout!! This is something I am definitely going to add to my routine!!!!

Music, it’s not a strange word or concept. I mean we all listen to music while we go about our daily lives. The question is, do we ever really pay attention to the music itself? To what the lyrics say or the beat of the music? Better yet, do we pay attention to ourselves while listening to music? We all know music has the power heal and it’s the universal language in this distorted world of ours. But have you ever really sat down and listened to yourself while you listened to music? Like really paid attention to your mood? Your heartbeat? Just being completely in one with your inner self?

None of us truly listens to ourselves. Yeah, I know we all put on some music we either dance to it and get delirious or use it to set the right mood. It is used in movie or TV scenes to create a certain effect. However, the very few of us who pay attention to our bodies while listening to music realize the motivation and magic behind the sounds and beats.

When I am down, there is only one thing that can change my frown into a smile and that is music. My everyday motivation comes from what I listen to. Be it something jumpy and groovy or nice and slow, my mood is greatly reflected by the music I listen to. Music is such a huge part of my life that I have created playlists for each time and situation in my life. I created these playlists according to my current mood and the one thing I never came to realize was that my own family and friends related to my playlist. Someone once told me that the playlist I was playing was befitting the current mood and time we were in, which was driving in the evening.

But this is what I mean, music has a huge power not just to connect and heal us as people in the world. It has the power to connect and heal us as individuals. When you give yourself up to the magical power of music, you get to experience this alternate world that you once never knew it existed. It transports you to this wonderful, magical, mystical place where everything is just right. My fear and worries do not exist here, no negative energy is allowed in. It’s one of those “happy places” that people refer to when speaking of their favourite place. Music transports.

Sounds eccentric, but for 3:30 minutes or however long the song goes for, try and let yourself get lost in the world of the song. Not the lyrics of it, let every note flow into your bloodstream. Become one with the guitar, the piano, the drum, all the instruments in the song. Breathe in and out with the rise and fall of each sound, then listen to the voice of the singer. Then slowly let in the lyrics. You will experience music like you have never listened to it before and will come to enjoy and appreciate it.

You will truly understand why music is healing and the universal language. This is the reason why South Americans dance the way they do. They become one with the song and move with its beats. It’s a magical thing to experience music rather than to listen to music. Music is there for our enjoyment, we are to experience it not just listen to it. It’s a 3: 30-minute ride of your life that you should never miss. Live in the moment of the song. Find a soundtrack to your own life and you will never live life the same. I have a soundtrack to my life that no matter how bad or how tough life seems to be getting, it always makes me smile and uplifts me.

Go find your soundtrack! I have to dance to mine 😊


Sitting here listening to the sound of the rain hitting the roof is pretty calming. Nice chill out music playing softly in the background, makes you forget for a while your problems. This is my ecstasy, my one moment of pure peace and calmness. But that doesn’t last very long. Once the buzz is over am back to reality. Until then, am going to enjoy every moment of it. It’s a perfect high!

Am allowed to dream!? Everyone is entitled to it. This very moment, while the high is still on, am going to dream of a life where I can enjoy such moments. Don’t know about you, but I’d like to sit outside watching the sunset over the mountains or lake or river or ocean on a hammock. Pretty awesome view when you picture it!

Like every great thing, there is always an end. What a downer!! The perfect high is ending and along with it my pretty awesome view and life. Then again, what is stopping me from getting exactly that kind of life? I could use my dream as a motivation for me to achieve and the set goals I have.

Believing in yourself goes a long way. No matter how many people doubt you, trust and believe in yourself and in God and you’ll be amazed by what He does in your life. You are not alone in this life, God is always there to guide and protect you. So put your trust in Him and let Him do the amazing things in your life.

The Voice inside

I like simple things or I suppose I do. I live in a world where everyone around me is happy or seems to be and am not sure if am happy myself. I have come not to expect anything more than I have or I can get on my own. I have come to depend on me and rely on no one. Can’t really believe anything anyone says unless I see it in action that’s not a happy person. I believe am blessed and am grateful for this but deep down I feel like there is a part of me that is missing. I have a flaw that everyone sees but me , am not worthy to have friends that I can trust and tell them  come to think of it I never had someone I could tell my secrets. So from a long time trust has always been an issue which brings me back to the flaw that I think I have one that I can’t see. My heart is heavy I have this burden in me but I don’t understand where it comes from. Sometimes I sit down and feel like crying my heart out and when I do I feel better. I love listening to music. It makes me feel like am in a different world for the three or four minutes it plays. Music heals me in some way and makes me belong even when I feel I don’t belong. I wonder where I fit in sometimes and I carry on like I know where I belong but in real sense am not sure. I do what am told because by doing so at least I feel part of something even though I know I don’t fit in there. It just makes it easy to do as you are told. Does that mean I can’t do what I want? What makes me happy? In any case what makes me happy put me in the other end of the spectrum and am back to the beginning. What makes me happy according others is a waste of time even though they don’t say it or when they use neat phrases it still comes down to waste of time. So my life is simple or maybe I think it is. I know am blessed and am grateful for that.

The Ascend of life

Life is a beautiful journey much like driving up the coast with the sea hitting the rocks and the breeze blowing making the surf just marvelous to watch. Then comes the time when everything crumbles down much like the storm blowing through the surf, hitting all the rock and the thunder rambling. Such is life, the ups and downs of it but what can we do? They say laughter is the best medicine, makes you live longer. A smile brightens the day and you smile at a stranger you may never know what impact you have had on their day. So why do people just walk straight on never looking back, never stopping to say hello to a stranger or even help someone in need? We have become too busy in our life that even doing a simple task as smiling to someone creates suspicion. We are all suspicious of the people around us especially people we don’t know and to some extent the people we know. When are we going to stop looking at someone and think “What does he want?”  “What is he after?” “Is he for real?”  When that day comes, be sure to let me know because that will be the day the world would have changed and technology would not be occupying the little time we could have created to help someone, say hello or just smile.

Food for thought

Food for thought


Life is a beautiful journey that each of us whether you like it or not we have to go through it. Some of us find it easy some quite difficult. But the question is how come some find life easy while others find it hard?

We all face challenges but I guess it’s how we face them that makes the difference. When you think about it, life is not that hard. We are the ones who want to make it difficult.
Some of us make it our life’s mission to bring others down while, others go the extra mile to make sure that the people around them don’t have to suffer. So you have to ask yourself which of the two people are you? Are you happy when the people around you are sad? Do you feed on that sadness? Or are you the one who is happy when everyone around you is happy? Do you go out of your way to help others?
As much as we’d like to help each other, there are those of us who want to be constantly helped. Seriously!!! As much as I’d love to help you, you too have to get up and help yourself. Stop sitting there and waiting for handouts!!! You have two very well functioning arms, legs and sight, there’s basically nothing wrong with you. All you do is sit and wait for someone to help you out. What about the person who has a disability? He’s out there helping himself while you are just there. It’s time to get over that dependency, get a grip and do something for yourself. We all have abilities find out what yours is and use it. No matter what people think of you. YOU DO YOU! ! Let them talk and make fun of you. At the end of the day you can’t make everyone happy but you can choose to make you happy and that’s all that MATTERS!!!!